What should be the length and the volume of a dissertation?

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Currently, there is no strict regulation of the volume of the dissertation. But there are such conventions: PhD thesis in social sciences – 150 pages plus 30%, i.e. 200 pages. This does not include a list of sources and literature and applications. Doctoral – 300 pages + 30%, i.e. 400 pages. These informal settings and should be guided.

But defended thesis and a smaller volume. Once, the academic secretary of the dissertation council asked a staff member of the Higher Attestation Commission whether it was possible to accept a doctoral thesis with 280 pages. In principle, it is impossible to object here, since there are no official installations. The answer was concise, but convincing: if the work is ingenious, then it is possible.

Usually the work is typed in 2 intervals on a typewriter or 1.5 intervals in a computer, i.e. 27-30 lines per page. In line 65–70 strokes (counting letters and omissions). There were such rules: a text page should have a left margin (for binding) – 3 cm, a right one – 1 cm, upper and lower – 2 cm each. As a result, approximately 1800 characters appear on the page.

In most cases, we opposed the work in which the volume was large, often theses are printed on a computer after 1 interval – this is about 40 lines. Everything is individual – and the attitude of the author to his scientific offspring, and the attitude of scientists to his work.

All matters related to the assignment of a cherished degree are handled by a special state body – the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC). The rules that guide the Higher Attestation Commission when evaluating scientific work and the procedure for awarding scientific degrees can be found in a special government decree. A rather voluminous text is fully accessible by reference.

In short, the most important requirements are:

The results of the research should be qualified as a scientific achievement.

The dissertation for the degree of the author writes necessarily independently.

When borrowing someone else’s material, you need to provide links to the original.

In the doctoral it is necessary to bring the results of the practical application of the findings of the study. If the work is theoretical, recommendations should be made for their practical use.

Only dissertations are allowed for defense, excerpts and main theses from which it was possible to publish in advance in specialized publications.

The most important of the necessary requirements for scientific work for the degree of doctor is the compliance of its main scientific results with the task and practical benefits. If experts recognize that the conclusions can be considered a scientific achievement, then the years spent in preparing the dissertation work were not in vain.