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Robyn Cook and Lauren Van Gogh

Robyn Nesbitt and Nina Barnett

Io Makandal

Genna Gardini

Noor Nuyten

Grace Cross

Euridice Kala

Jon Bernard

Malose Malahlela

Bianca Baldi

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Dear Sober & Lonely


Our names are Samantha McCulloch and Christopher Williams-Wynn, and we want to take part in your residency / suggest a project for 3 days, on or near the 22nd of January 2015.


One of the reasons we downloaded this form is that it functions as part of our           p r o j e c t.


Two things we’d definitely bring with us would work that is not our own and work that is our own.

Two things we’d definitely bring with us would work that is not our own and work that is our own.


Something you should know about us (that not many people know) is that we are thinking about this question too much.


I understand that part of the residency / project deal (in line with S&L’s ethos of generosity and sharing) is to give back to the space / a wider audience / other artists in some way[1]. So our plan is to insert the Sober and Lonely archive into itself. We are interested in examining the form of the S&L online archive – the forms, documents and other elements that condition and frame the content within the archive. We are interested in the lines between what is and what is not in or of the archive, including itself. We want to invite previous exhibitors to reflect on their contributions over a lunch or dinner – our project would then be a ghost, and the limit between ours and not-ours may be hard to locate. Also possibly (re-)enacting a previously proposed project that went unrealized; again concerned with the line between that which is and was not, between that which is and that which is not our work.


Thanks, and here is my email address and a link to my website:




Samantha McCulloch and Christopher Williams-Wynn

[1] This could be by opening up the space to new audiences through some kind of event (workshop, screening, dog-grooming session, run … ), or by fixing S&L’s leaky shower head, or by adopting ten cats from our friend Gail at Bounty Hunters Charity Shop down the road (for life of course).

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