From where I was – Johannesburg

with Io Makandal


Care instructions for afflicted objects


Bolt, screws and nail (brushed and washed, treated with anti-corrosive agent, sanded and polished)


The metallic state is an unstable one

Accretions still evident on surface of bolt

Keep out of direct sunlight

Treat surface regularly


Compiled calico rags marked with rust stains – folded


Avoid exposure to UV radiation and unsuitable levels of relative humidity and temperature. All forms of dirt are a threat.


A plastic handle


Plastic elements are prevalent. Treatment options limited as degradation and damage is often irreversible.


Black cord with buckle


Fading colouration

Fraying cord

Shattered and separated from original object


Rubber band


Discolouration of band

Dust stains


Plastic bags compacted in soil


Organic materials prevalent

Risk of insect damage

Limited treatment options.




Wash and light brushing required before accretions are removed


Brick Fragment 


Losses to surface brought about by physical violence


-Photographs by Io Makandal