concerted efforts

Concerted efforts reflects on authorship, the cult of the curator and the group exhibition format. The project compiles and presents the work of collaborative art groups from South Africa and Australia, incorporating and problematising transnational exchanges. The project interrogates the glib tokenism often associated with collectivity, as it is frequently used to project an image of harmony to the detriment of debate. Collaboration, we are told, will solve all ills, just so long as failure is not an option.


Curated by Samantha McCulloch, Christopher Williams-Wynn and the Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA)


Robyn Nesbitt and Nina Barnett

Catherine or Kate

MorneĢ VisagieĀ and Mbongeni Dlamini

Citizen Coombs

Sober & Lonely


Photographs by Christo Crocker

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